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wholesalers & distribution

Here at Intelligent Horsecare we like to think we do things a little differently. We have intimate knowledge of every item we sell; the products we stock are not just sitting on our stockroom shelves you’ll find them about our barn and on our own horses. Whether you’re a retailer wanting to stock these products or a manufacturer looking for someone to distribute your products within the UK and EU this approach offers both sides of the coin many unique benefits:


Our goal is to ensure you’re as thrilled to sell and recommend these products to your own customers as we are to share them with you.

Stocking only products we trust enough to use on our own horses is, for us, the best testament there can be as to a product’s quality. Before we decide to stock a product is has to make it into our barn or onto our horses, we carry out extensive testing on each item to see if it will hold up to the highest standards we can set, the welfare of our own horses. This approach means we can offer you and your customers’ first-hand practical advice on these products, how and where they work best and what to expect from them products in various situations.

Because we use and believe in these products we want to see you and your customers as happy with them as we are and offer open frank advice on all the items we sell as well as welcoming feedback and comments from you and your customers to help us and the product manufacturers make better use of these brilliant products.


In approaching us to take on our product you gain a product champion which will not only supply your product to the market but will strive to do all that is possible to help your product succeed.

The products we distribute have to stand up to the highest quality test there is… Our Own Horses. Every item we champion can be found in our yard or on our horses; this unique approach means your products are not just another item on a stockroom shelf they’re products we passionately believe in and have first-hand practical experience with in real life situations.

Before taking on any product we carry out our own extensive testing to see how it holds up in real life situations with real horses here within the UK. This means we have intimate knowledge of how each product we sell performs in the UK climate with horses of a various shapes, sizes, ages and breeds. Products that get the stamp of approval from our horse take pride and place in our barn, they are items we whole-heartedly believe in and for which we will do all we can to help succeed.

For you the manufacturer, our practical equine know and first-hand experience of your product means we can offer direct feedback on the situations products perform best in as well as detailed information of where (if any) shortfalls can be found and in which situations they occur. For those products we do take one, we are constantly seeking new ways to help you make the most our consumer network; we gather customer feedback, carry out market comparisons, and preform analysis to help you understand  customer perception of your product as well as gathering data on the how’s, when’s, where’s and why’s they’re using it. With this practical resource we can help you further your product evolution though real life customer need-driven analysis, helping you to evolve your product to meet the needs of your customers.

We’re always looking for new products that fit with our ethos, to help make horse owners’ lives a bit easier and their horses’ lives happier and healthier. If your company has developed products or your customers have come across a product you think we should be stocking, spread the word and tell us about them!