Catherine Fahy, February 2013

Published: Wednesday, 25 September 2013 | Written by: intellig

I bought my cool/heat rug along with a bottle of Bish as I knew I would be getting rips as the field my horse is kept in has barbed wire. I bought some horse rug patches (from ebay) to go with it. I have used Bish to patch many times since, it won’t stick nylon to nylon, you need to use the ‘rough’ side of the patch but once it’s stuck it’s stuck. My rug has been through the wash and the patches still haven’t come off. It is a really good product. – Tip don’t try using in the rain on a wet rug- the rug needs to be dry(ish) and it works better in a warm room not outside! This product has definitely prolonged the life of my rug I am really pleased with it and would recommend.

I will keep my eyes open for the new rug in Autumn as if I am patching one it might be handy to have a spare! (Unless we have a field shelter built by then!) There is no other rug like it and has been worth every penny for me.

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