Anne & Conto on the CoolHeat Rug

Published: Saturday, 3 November 2012 | Written by: intellig

Only had the rug a few days really, but just wanted to say that although I would love to be able to keep my boy rug free and completely natural, this isn’t really practical and I am very pleased so far with the alternative. These are my findings after only 4 days of wear on my 24/7 turned-out holsteiner.


  1. I was fence-sitting with the size, but am pleased to note that the smaller size (6′) – which i went with – is very generous and fits him perfectly with plenty of strap space to fatten into.
  2. The muddy area of his field is flattened in places with little indentations from the rug inserts and his rug is nicely caked, showing he’s taking advantage of the massage effect and clearly likes to roll in it – and it hasn’t shifted.
  3. I put the rug on him when he was filthy – okay he’s bay so dirt doesn’t really show, but caked mud does! – and when i took it off the next day to ride him, his body was clean – that was time saving!
  4. His hairs aren’t lying flat like with other rugs – he’s all fluffy looking which i love. Not only as it looks cute, but because i know he is able to regulate his own temperature.
  5. His body is nice and cool to the touch and completely dry – given the rubbish weather we are having.


– not found any yet.

I know I should wait a little longer before I review something, but it appears this rug is holding up to its promise.

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