Tangle Teezer

Published: Wednesday, 27 April 2011 | Written by: Sylvia

Turned down by the Dragons, those millionaires must be kicking themselves now. This is the brush that saves wild-pony manes from being lopped! No more hair brush handles snapped by knots in tails, this hand size wonder really does tease out tangles effortlessly without the need for detangler, and can also be used on humans! You can find more details on their website: www.tangleteezer.com.

About the author

Somewhat eccentric southern African, who when not discussing horses, photographing horses, debating issues relating to horses, can be found out in the pasture with the horses (her's or someone else's). In those brief moments when horses are not the topic of conversation you’ll find dogs being walked, escaped sheep being sought, bales rolled by hand across awkward fields or the weird and wonderful foundlings of the wild world that have arrived in her kitchen for care being rehabilitated for release.

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