Natural Wasp Repeller


Scientifically proven and based on an age-old remedy, Waspinator acts as a decoy just like a scarecrow and naturally repels wasps by mimicking an enemy was nest. Highly effective and simple to use, just hang it up – that’s it!

  • No Chemicals
  • No Maintenance
  • No Traps
  • No Mess
  • No Dead Wasps

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  • The most humane method of ridding your garden of wasps, only excluding them from the areas you want to be in, allowing them to do their useful work elsewhere.
  • An environmentally safe deterrent, it works by imitating a wasps nest, when a visiting wasp comes near it’s super sensitive eyes will detect the ‘nest’ causing it to turn tail and flee sooner than risk being attacked by other wasps defending their territory.
  • To use just hang up in a prominent place, such as from a tree or bush, remembering that wasps need to see it to be deterred, and enjoy unbothered peace in the wasp season.
  • Made from weatherproof polypropylene, the Waspinator is long-lasting and reusable – you can even take it with you on holiday or days out to keep the wasps away on picnics or on the beach!