Braiding Brush


If you do maintenance braids on your horse’s mane then this a brush for your grooming bag. The Kent Small vented flexi quill brush is the great brush to be used for reorganising braids a couple of times a week. The quills are mould into the brush body itself rather than inserted in so the base of the flexible quill is smooth and won’t catch and snag on hair, detangles without damaging the hair follicles and the seven rows of flexible quills are spaced out just right to help section out a mane for braiding. Whether your long running braid or maintenance plaits this brush offers just the right amount of detangling and tidying without putting too much tension on the hair shafts.
If you wouldn’t brush out your hair with a dandy brush then don’t brush out your horse’s mane either, brushing out your horse’s mane with the wrong brush can cause breaks or damage to the hair shaft. If you have a horse with a finer mane or a slow growing mane, you’ll know every single strand and millimetre counts.

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