Tangle Teezer


Hard to believe this little brush is a dragon’s den original from 2007! Originally developed by hair colourist Shaun P in London these little brushes have become legends in our lifetimes. They are the ultimate detangling brush for anything from long hair to wet hair, and just about anything in between.

But lets be honest ladies, how many of us, have just brushes for horses in our grooming bags? If you have long hair or wavy hair that tangles up when you want to share the discovery of THE ultimate brush with your best friend. When a tangle teezer found its way into our grooming back we were amazed at the difference it made. If your horses have long forelocks or if you trying to grow your horse’s forelock out really you should be using one of these little brushes. They are far gentler on the hair, can be used one wet or dry hair, tease out the knots without breaking the hair and are just allround gentler on the sensitive poll area of your horse’s head.

And when these brushes eventually reach their end of use, they can be recycled!

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