Sole Cleanse Hoof Disinfectant Spray


Sole Cleanse spray disinfects the frog and sole to reduce and prevent foul odour and blackening.

Its active ingredients destroy bacterial and fungal microbes and help healthy tissue to grow.

Sole Cleanse can be used to flush cracks in the white line, frog and other crevices in the horse’s foot prior to packing them with Artimud or Hoof-Stuff.

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The Zinc Sulphate and Eucalyptus based thrush buster spray; Sole Cleanse has remarkable effectiveness, without any of the necrotising effects of traditional treatments such as Borax, Bleaches, Peroxide and Stockholm Tar. Sole Cleanse not only helps to destroy the microbes producing the thrush but also helps promote the re-growth of healthy tissue, rather than producing more dead tissue for the thrush to re-grow on.
Sole Cleanse Spray is for more regular treatment of the foot. Once weekly for thrush prone horses or daily until symptoms abate for established thrush is often sufficient and will often stop thrush in just a few treatments. Yet it is so gentle that many owners use it daily as a “Just in case!” It has also been found useful in the treatments of white line disease and other crevices in the horse’s foot.

Key Ingredients:
Zinc Sulphate – a powerful yet safe antibacterial and antifungal ingredient. Zinc sulphate can be found in many nutritional supplements – this reflects how non-toxic it is! It is not only very effective against invasive microbes but it also acts to toughen horn tissue and has no detrimental effects on the sole unlike many commonly used anti-thrush remedies.
Eucalyptus Oil – also well known for its antimicrobial qualities, this essential oil helps to eliminate thrush and condition the sole.
All in a water base so that it can be conveniently sprayed onto the feet after picking out.

Using Sole Cleanse:

  • For hoof issues simply the sole and frog twice daily after picking out feet. Reduce frequency of treatment as the things begin to improve.
  • For general hoof care spray at least once a week after picking out. Ideally allow you horse to stand on a dry surface for a few minutes to allow sole cleanse to pentrate. If your horse lives outs or is turned out in wet pasture it useful follow with field paste for added protection.
  • For cracks and holes remove any loose dirt and spray Sole Cleanse into the hole. Allow your horse to stand on a dry surface for a few minutes until the sole cavity has dried then pack the with Artimud for shallower holes or Hoof-Stuff for deeper holes.

Avoid using open flesh wounds or grazes as Sole Cleanse may sting.

Sole Cleanse is supplied in a convenient to use 500ml spray bottle