Sinker Pads


The Sinker Pad is for founder/laminitis in all it’s degrees, i.e. from low grade to where the hoof bone sinks in the hoof capsule , as well for immediate support when the early warning signs such as sole ridges appear.

Cut and bevel the sinker pad to desired shape of the sole to help relieve the pressure on the hoof walls and give support to the sole.


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To fit the pad simply asker your horse to stand on the pad briefly to form a hoof impression on the pad’s surface. Then using a utility knife cut the custom sized support out of the pad just inside the line of the hoof wall of the hoof impression at a 45 degree angle. This hoof support can then be either taped directly onto your horse’s hoof or inserted into a hoof boot or slipper to increase it’s life span.

The off-cuts of the pad can be easily cut to form frog support wedges to match the size of your horse’s frog for additional support as needed.

Great pad for horses of all sizes including Cobs and Draft types.

All HappyHoof Sinker Pads are 3/4″ thick, supplied in pairs in the following sizes:

  • XL – 9″x9″
  • XXL – 12″x12″