Redtop Natural Fly Trap


Flies love hanging out our yards and stables in summer about as much as we do. They seem to take delight in testing the patience of horse and human alike. What starts as a couple unwelcome arrivals in early spring quickly multiplies into a plague flying annoyance.

Using automatic aerosol dispenser can help elevate the problem around buildings but it’s an uneasy compromise as they essentially release insecticide into the air and indiscriminately kill any winged insect that comes in contact with spray. Which is not good news for the bees and butterflies around your barn and stables nor is it the healthiest option for your horses who to breathe in that vapour.

The RedTop fly catcher is an ideal targeted environmentally friendly solution to this issue. Making use of a natural protein based bait, this light weight fly trap and be hung anywhere around your buildings and muck heap to emit the most inviting scent to attract and trap flies and only flies.

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This is a product we grew up using in Africa, and have come to see as an essential addition to pest control about for our horses, it is a cost effective, long lasting, animal safe solution to managing flies. Hanging the RedTops fly catcher near muckheaps attracts the flies away from their egg laying in the manure pile and helps to control the fly population by breaking the breeding cycler.

For maximum effectiveness hang your RedTop between 10 to 15 metres from the area you are trying to protect, ideally about 6ft off the ground in a warm area. Every six to eight weeks (or when full) simply take your RedTop down, pop in the bin and replace with a fresh RedTop.

Benefits of using a RedTop Fly Catcher:

  • Non-toxic, does not contain any insecticides;
  • Enery Free, the bait is activeated by sunlight and warmth;
  • Large capacity, can hold up to20,000 flies;
  • Targets female flies breaking the breeding cycle, approximately 85% of flies trapped will be female;
  • Long lasting, the bait remains active for to 2 months;
  • Simple and cost effective to use;
  • Hygienic, no washing out or changing bait required, simply bin and replace as needed.
  • Environmentally friendly, it will not attract bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects, targeting only flies

Instructions for use:
Simply added the quoted volume of water required and hang the trap in a sunny position ideally 6ft off the ground and 10 to 15 metres away from the area you wish to protect. When full, simply dispose of in the rubbish bin. (We recommend one bag to every 500 sq ft of ground)