red zone

Made by the team at Red Horse, a small UK based company which develops original and effective natural based hoof and horse care solutions, the Red Zone range offers excellent bug repellence with none of the harsh and harmful ingredients you’ll find in most off the shelf products. Red Zone has been developed as human-grade fly repellent products made with high quality ingredients (no citronella or DEET) in far higher concentrations than the majority of repellents on the market.

With the Red Zone range riders and horse owners can be assured that they are using products that are not only targeted specifically at biting insects that are attracted to horse populated areas – but are also using ingredients that are deemed safe and effective for human use.

red zone natural

Red Zone NaturalRed Zone Natural is a powerful and long lasting fly repellent spray without synthetic ingredients; it contains a high concentration of 15% Citridiol, a natural oil distillate as the main active ingredient. Citrodiol is manufactured from an extract of a form of eucalyptus and gives the repellent a pleasant citrus smell without the use of the controversial (and often considered ineffective, citronella oil). Other active ingredients include bog myrtle oil, cade oil, garlic oil and clove oil – all well known for their repellent effect and unlike some products it contains only a small amount of alcohol, making it kinder to the skin and nose and meaning that it will not evaporate quickly off the skin. Red Zone Natural has proven effective at repelling horse flies, other biting flies but especially midges, !

Like Red Zone products Red Zone Natural is designed for use not only on equines but also human skin and clothing to repel insects found in a stable yard environment.

Red Zone Natural is supplied in a 500ml spray bottle.

red zone balm

Red Zone BalmRed Zone Balm contains the highly effective yet safe repellent Saltidin in natural oil and wax based lotion. The oil based lotion makes the Saltidin stay on the skin for prolonged periods and also moisturises dry, irritated skin.

Developed for use on humans using high quality ingredients it is ideal for smearing in places where black flies attack.

Warning: Contains nut derived products.

Red Zone Balm is supplied in 100ml screw-top jar.

red zone super

Red Zone SuperRed Zone Super has double the concentration of the active synthetic ingredient Saltidin to give a really powerful effect against biting insects. Containing 20% Saltidin® (registered trade mark of Saltigo GMBH, Germany) an excellent DEET alternative it has a broader spectrum, longer lasting effect and none of the nasty side effects of DEET (rotting leather and plastic, decreasing skin defences etc.) Saltidin is almost odourless, very safe and non-irritant. Other active ingredients in Red Horse Super include bog myrtle oil, cade oil, garlic oil and lemon eucalyptus oil – all well known for their repellent effect and best of all this product is total alcohol free.

Red Zone Super has proven extremely effective against midges, horse flies and most other biting pests with none of the chemical smell associate with many fly repellent brands and like all Red Zone product Super was designed for use on humans.

Red Horse Super is supplied in a 500ml spray bottle.