RapidScrub was the first and original rubber bath curry brush with sponge insert designed. They allow you to distribute a small amount of wash or medication through the coat down to the skin surface using as little as one bucket of water.

Our RapidScrubs and replacement sponges we stock are THE original versions made in the USA, we have found the product construction and durability of the sponges made in the USA far superior to the cheaper versions you can now purchase in most tack stores which are made in china. In addition these original USA made RapidScrubs are able to be sterilise in hot water meaning you can deal with issues such as rain scald without worrying about spreading the infection to your other equines.
We have been using the same two RapidScrubs (one original and one fine) for the last six years have only had to replace one of the sponges once (the one we used to administer medicated wash).

The RapidScrub original bath brush with sponge has flexible cone-shaped fingers and is unequalled for washing and grooming equines still with their winter coats as well as medium to long-haired dogs, or just about any other other animals with hair, especially during spring shedding and bathing. We find this version ideal for cleaning off dirty legs and bellies particularly in winter. It makes a little wash and one bucket of water go a long way and makes rinsing out product far faster with little to no product residue. This is also the version we use for our collie dogs, german shepherds and our dorper sheep (dorpers are hairy sheep not woolie sheep).

The RapidScrub fine bath brush with sponge has short flexible soft “teeth” made from the same durable yet gentle material as the original it is particularly suited for bathing and grooming animals with shorter hair or very sensitive skin. Just like the original the fine RapidScrub makes a little wash and one bucket of water go a long way and makes rinsing out product far faster with little to no product residue. We use the fine RapidScrub a lot in summer, or if you washing an area where the coat has been clipped short as well as for areas such as face and ears. We’ve actually used this version to smarten up some of our cattle and they washed up really well.

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For both versions it took us two or three goes to get the hang of using the RapidScrub brushes and to find the right amount of product, our number one tip is use less than you think you need. Having used these brushes from over six years now, we can get a body clean up on one of the horses in under 30 minutes and on the ponies in 20 minutes or less.

The RapidScrub brand and patent has since been bought out, it is our understanding that our stock is the last USA manufactured version of the product available anywhere.