Radius Rasp Pro


These hand size rasps have a concave surface, ideal for rounding the hoof wall edge to create and maintain a bevelled edge (more commonly referred to as a mustang roll), and we all know that a correctly bevelled hoof wall is key to a healthy durable hoof. The curved surface of these rasps means that, unlike convention rasps, the hoof wall is always removed in an curve, and requires little expertise to shape the bevel edge of a hoof wall, allowing easy, fast and more précises shaping without the fuss of trying to co-ordinate a 14 inch long flat steel rasp.

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The shorter design means these rasps can be used with one hand leaving the other hand free to hold and stabilise the hoof, making it a great option for horses inexperienced or nervous about the trimming process as you can not only hold the hoof as opposed to using a hoof stand if necessary but there is also much less risk of you bumping the opposite supporting leg with the radius rasp then there is when using a long flat rasp. Additionally unlike flat rasps which are frustrating to use in situations where there limited ground clearance or distance between limbs, the compact size of the radius rasp means older horses or those with mobility issues who cannot flex their joints to hold a standard trimming position can have their hooves bevelled while their leg is supported in a more comfortable and stable position within the limits of their range of moment even if that means a minimum of ground clearance.

The Radius Rasp Pro, is a more aggressive wall rounding tool that rapidly creates the arc of the bevelled edge during normal trimming. Its curved shape allows you to rasp the hard outer wall edge of the hoof with ease and shaping the edge into the start of a nature upward roll. It leaves a rougher finish than the RR-1 but cuts faster through hoof horn, it will rapidly smooth out and curve the sharp edge left by using a flat hoof rasp or hoof nippers.

We recommending using the Radius Pro on larger hooves or when tidying or trimming very tough hoof wall. It is our opinion that owners should not use this rasp on very small ponies, miniature horses or foals.The Radius Pro is best used in conjunction with the Radius Original as using the two different Radius Rasps in sequence gives the best results when forming the bevelled edge during trimming. The sharp pointed teeth of the black handled Pro are more effective in removing the harder hoof wall, more uneven surfaces on an un-trimmed hooves, and quickly rounding the rough surface left by hoof nippers around the outer wall edge. The shaving action of the white handled Original creates a smoother, more refined finish to the surface of the bevel. Thus the best results are attained by using the two Radius Rasps in sequence.

Benefits of the Radius Rasp:

  • Can be used single handed;
  • Concave design creates a more natural bevelled edge;
  • Compact size means easier to use on horses with limited joint mobility;
  • Safer to use on a nervous trimmers than a standard flat rasp;
  • Finger grooves provide firm and comfortable grip;
  • Built-in magnets all the Radius Rasp to be attached to hoof stands, horse trailers, and other steel frames for easy access;
  • Light-weight, easy to pack with you when out riding or traveling with your horse;
  • Different coarseness options means you can work on different strength hoof horn;
  • Replaceable stainless steel blades that will not rust.

Radius Rasp Pro – RR-2, is black handled, with replaceable stainless steel pointed rasp teeth for harder hooves and creating the initial bevelled wall edge. It is 4 1/2″ long and 2″ wide, and weighs 13 oz.Detailed instructions of using the Radius Rasps and the Hoof Buffer can be found via this link.