Radius Rasp Pro Blade


The black handled Radius Pro takes a solid stainless steel razor toothed rasp blade that is a more aggressive wall rounding tool which rapidly creates the arc of the bevelled edge during normal trimming. Its curved shape allows you to rasp the hard outer wall edge of the hoof with ease and shaping the edge into the start of a natural upward roll. It leaves a rougher finish than the Radius Original1 but cuts faster through hoof horn, and will rapidly smooth out and curve the sharp edge left by using a flat hoof rasp or hoof nippers. We recommending using the Radius Pro blade on larger hooves or when tidying or trimming very tough hoof wall. It is our opinion that owners should not use the Radius Pro blades on very small ponies, miniature horses or foals.

Both the Radius Original and Radius Pro rasps have replaceable stainless steel blades.

As with all hoof trimming rasp the radius rasps are most effective when used with quick light pressured strokes. Remember when trimming hooves, less is more, you are aiming to remove only what is necessary to maintain the correct hoof shape.

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