Radius Rasp Original Blade


The white handled Radius Original takes a perforated stainless steel microplane rasp blade that creates the smoothest finish to the edge of the hoof wall and can be used alone to maintain the bevelled edge of hooves between trims or for quick repairs of small chips and flares alternatively use after the Radius Pro when trimming for a more refined mustang roll to the hoof wall. This blade is excellent for regular maintenance of the bevelled hoof wall edge to keep hoof boots fitting well between full trims as well as being particularly suited for use on smaller pony breeds, miniature horses and foals where conventional rasps generally take off too much hoof.

Both the Radius Original and Radius Pro rasps have replaceable stainless steel blades.

As with all hoof trimming rasp the radius rasps are most effective when used with quick light pressured strokes. Remember when trimming hooves, less is more, you are aiming to remove only what is necessary to maintain the correct hoof shape.

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