Precision Horse Hoof Pick


No more having to guess hoof depth, height and flare by rasp edge!!! A great tool for more precise trimming & helping you evaluate hoof structure.

Whether a barefoot enthusiast, professional hoof care practitioner or veterinarian you’ll find the Precision Pick the ideal measuring device to help evaluate hoof structure. Using the Precision Pick regularly will help you develop a confident eye, so that you can accurately gauge hoof structure and growth.

For those that are in the process of hoof rehabilitation, you will easily be able to keep a log of precise hoof growth measurements to track your horse’s hoof structural changes and progress!

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Patented and made in the USA from stainless steel with laser etched scale measuring in both metric and imperial units. The right side measures in 1/16″ units up to 6” on the long face with a centre marker at 3” and up to 2” on the pick end, while the left side of the precision pick measures in millimetres up to 16cm on the long face with a centre marker at 8cm and up to 5cm on the pick end.

The Precision Pick can be used to measure and evaluate:

  • Wall length and judge hoof flare.
  • Collateral Groove Depth and Sole Concavity.
  • Frog and Heel Bulb Health, Shape and Proportion.
  • Hoof Length, Width and Contraction.
  • Heel Height.

It only took one trimming day, to get me completely hooked on your hoof pick! The shape is great and the measurements are very handy. Plus, it has an added benefit I wasn’t expecting: It easily slides in and out behind a hoof knife in the pocket of my chaps (without building bulk or snagging on the knife as I pull it out). That immediately fixed a little “pocket switching” issue I had going on. Thank you for putting so much into such a simple tool… Who knew? Cool Tool!‘ – Pete Ramey

Discount is available to Equine Podiatrists, EP Students, professional Farriers, Vets and registered Natural Hoof Care Practitioners. Please contact us directly for details.