Pee Wee Bit


The Pee Wee is the only Bit with a floating mouthpiece.  This feature allows freedom for the horse’s tongue.  Your horse can safely swallow, breathe, chew and move it’s tongue without any interference from the mouthpiece because it floats above the horse’s tongue on the large rings of the Pee Wee Bit.  This results in a very secure and relaxed horse.


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Horse care is full of compromises and the Pee Wee may suit those people who would prefer to ride bitless but have to use a bit in some circumstances. Of course any bit is only as kind as the hands holding the reins (and seat in the saddle), but the Pee Wee has received many glowing testimonials from riders in all disciplines including those with youngsters and previous mouth problems. It seems particularly well suited to horses with thick tongues and low palates.

The manufacturer explains the benefits of the design: “The Pee Wee has a thin, very lightweight, curved bar which leaves plenty of room even for a large tongue or low palate. This eliminates the common problem of irritation to the roof of the mouth which results in the horse tossing his head trying to shake the bit forward. The Pee Wee also is not in constant contact the side of the face so will not pinch the lips, tongue and sides of the mouth or create a nutcracker effect which is very unsettling especially for a young horse”.

Pee Wee bit features:

  • Is a simple, comfortable and lightweight bit without gimmicks or gadgets
  • Gentle on the horse’s mouth preventing injury with eliminates mouthing issues. Does not pinch the lips, gums and tongue
  • Provides maximum control with minimum pressure
  • Assists in re-educating older horses with mouthing issues.
  • Provides faster education of young horses due to the clearer and precise signals given.
  • Prevents your horse getting its tongue over the bit.
  • Encourages the horse to naturally flex at the poll and creates neck suppleness.
  • Prevents lugging and evasion of the bit.
  • Sweet iron mouthpiece encourages salivation.
  • No nutcracker action and no palate pressure.

The Pee wee bit is constructed with stainless steel bit rings and side bars, but the mouthpiece is made from “sweet iron” which oxidises to produce a sweet taste that horses seem to enjoy. Sweet iron encourages salivation and acceptance of the bit, unlike stainless steel mouthpieces which can dry out the mouth and in some cases even case the corners of the lips to crack.The natural oxidisation process of sweet iron produces a ‘rusting’ effect on the mouth piece of this bit; this is totally harmless to your horse and is the source of the flavour horses enjoy in sweet iron bits. The natural patina which develops through use is proof that the mouth piece is actually sweet iron.

Sizing Information:

Mini – 3″ – 4″ or Under 12hh (Shetlands, Mini’s or Similar)

Small – 4″ – 5″ or 12hh to 15.1hh (Ponies, Galloways, Thoroughbreds, Arabs, etc).

Medium – 5″ – 6″ or 15.2hh to 17hh (Broad Headed/Jawed Breeds i.e. large thoroughbreds, heavy set Quarter Horses),

Large – 6″ – 7″ or 17hh + (very large warmbloods, drafts and draft crosses)

For reference our Thoroughbred, Arab, Appaloosa x Quarter Horse all take a standard, our IDx takes a Medium.


Please note there are two ways to attach the bit to a bridle, its very simple, but one is right and the other wrong, so please read the instructions carefully!

For hygiene purposes we do not offer a trial of pee wee bits or returns on bits used. For those clients that prefer to try this product we are happy to refer you to our stockists that do offer a trail.