Magnesium Oxide (Light)


We supply the “light” finely ground version of Magnesium Oxide from the sole licensed distributor of this product in the UK who can provide a certificate of analysis and a MSDS (material safety data sheet). Unlike the majority of the horse supplements out there this is product is the highest purity human pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide. We supply our MagOx in 1kg units which come packed in two convenient 500g bags. To keep the price as low as possible for our customers we don’t use fancy packaging, we do however use high quality human liquid food grade resealable plastic bags, liquid food grade packaging has fewer harmful chemicals than cheaper plastic alternatives. Although we primarily supply MagOx Light in 1kg units we can supply larger quantities i.e. 10kg or 20kg bags if you require larger volumes. Please contact us directly for details.



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We generally avoid supplements, believing that our horses will get their nutritional needs best from a managed healthy balanced diet and understand that excesses can cause as much imbalance and problems as deficiencies.

In grassier months our horses do benefit from being fed Magnesium Oxide. Commonly recommended by trimmers, equine podiatrists and other professionals, magnesium is essential for carbohydrate metabolism and capillary wall quality. It is also used as the base ingredient in the majority of commercial calmers.

It is important as horse owners to understand that cheaper versions of magnesium oxide in the market are likely to have high levels of iron contamination this is especially true of magnesium carbonate, if you are in any doubt about the quality a product you are using make sure you ask the manufacturer for a current product specification.