LG Zaum Shanks


For those seeking the additional commutation of double reins for classical and dressage work, a more western response or simply a little extra control the LG Bridle Shanks convert the standard LG Bridle into a single or double rein Hackamore in seconds. The shanks are attached simply with headless screws and can be put on or taken off at any time as and when required. Not only are the LG Shanks well-crafted but unlike traditional hackamores their shape and slightly shorter length increases lateral influence while reducing the likelihood of overbending so often seen when horses are ridden in conventional hackamores.
The new design LG Shanks sits very securely on the LG Bridle wheels even if the screws should loosen and are ergonomically curved to keep off the horse’s sensitive skin around the mouth.

Sold in Pairs to fit standard and draft LG Bridles, includes Allen wrench and 6 screws (4 to attach the shanks and 2 spare).

Please Note: It’s important to be aware that the shanks must be positioned on the outer wheel of the LG Zaum, to where normally the reins are attached. When attaching the shanks TIGHTEN THE SCREWS CAREFULLY until you feel resistance and then only a quarter turn after that! If the screws are turned too hard the thread can be damaged and won’t work anymore.

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