LG Zaum Pony


The wheels of the LG Pony Bridle are approximately 2cm (0.78in) smaller than the standard LG Bridle wheels. They are individually injection die cast as a single piece of metalwork making them very light but free from any joins or seams making them very strong. Even though the LG Pony wheels are smaller and lighter than the standard wheels the unique design still offers the rider variable levels of control and instant release from contact for your pony.

The LG-Pony includes a smaller all leather chin strap and noseband making it ideal for the smallest riding equines such as shetlands and welsh ponies. The Hardware for the Pony LG is Stainless/Silver and like all the LG straps the leather is natural vegetal tanned hide and is available in black and brown.

Please note the LG Shanks will not fit the LG Pony wheels.


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