LG Zaum Bitless Brass – Limited Edition


The LG bitless bridle is an excellent alternative to bitted riding, originally developed for experienced riders, with light hands, wanting a way to progress their riding and schooling further into more refined manoeuvres but seeking more feel and a greater degree of communication than is offered by conventional bitless solutions. The unique design of the lg wheel encourages the horse to round up without the over flexing or lugging often associated with more traditional bitless hackamores making the lg bridle one of the top bitless options and a firm favourite internationally for all bitless ridings wanting to develop their riding (and driving). It works especially well with horses that lean on the bit, play with it, or shake their head and offers an alterative to the challenge of working with horses who have suffered mouth injuries or developed a fear of the bit.

The design of the lg allows rides to choose multiple rein attachment points to select the degree of action to suit their needs. Attach the reins above the chin strap for a purely side pull action, directly below the chin strap for very light curb action, centred for moderate curb action, or below the noseband for move precise curb action. If great degree of contact is require or you wish to ride in double reins simply attach the additional shank to allow for a similar degree of finesse as a Pelham or double bridle but without completely bit free.

Can be used with any traditional headstall.


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The LG BRASS bridle offers a truly special alternative to the standard stainless steel lg, it fits most horse up to thoroughbred and warmblood, the wheels are made of solid rust-free brass the has a cast matt finish. All buckles and chains are brass and the leather is from natural vegetal tanned hide and avaible in three colours. The chin strap comes in the option of either vegetal tanned leather or chain.