LG Zaum Leather Chin Strap


All made from natural vegetal tanned leather, you can now opt to replace individual lg bridle components or choose to change your leather colour and metal work to suit without having invest in a complete LG bridle.

Leather Nose / Chin Strap:
From the same leather tannery as your lg bridle this leather strap allows you to replace the nose strap as required or change to a new leather colour to suit your mood or can be used to convert from a chin chain to an all leather chin strap to suit your horse. Using an all leather chin strap is a good alternative to for thin skinned, sensitive, and younger horses not used to wearing a bridle.

Available with a buckle choice of silver metal or brass in all three of the lg leather colours, this leather strap includes a pair of matching leather loops.

Padded Leather Noseband:

The padded leather noseband gives your horse the addition protection and distribution of the contact as the removal padding options but with the security of being built into the noseband so you can be confident that padding sits exactly where you position it on the nose.

Available only in black leather with stainless steel hardware.

Chin Chain:
Made from the same tanned leather as your original lg bridle you can now opt to replace your chin strap with a chain for added control as needed. The links of the chin chain are formed from a double row of flat whelled chain giving a broad smooth surface making it more comfortable for your horse and offering better pressure distribution than standard twisted curb chains reducing the chances of a pressure point developing.

Available in all three leather colours with a choice of either silver metal or Brass to match your LG Bridle, the chin chains come with a pair of matching metalwork loops included however if you prefer leather loops they are available seperately in all colours to match your lg bridle.

Leather Loops:
Made from the same vegetal tanned leather to match your lg bridle straps. Not only can you replace the straps on the noseband as needed but if you don’t like the metal loops on the chin chain you can replace them with leather loops to match the noseband

Available in all three leather colors, supplied in Pairs.


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