LG Zaum Gel Pad


The LG nose and chin gel strap covers offer the ultimate protection for young and very sensitive horses or for those horses being ridden by riders who are still learning to rider and may have tendency to balance on their hands.

Developed using advanced liquid technology. This pad consists of a thermo-plastic elastomer gel, which has the shock-absorbing characteristics of a liquid, yet is almost unrivalled in elasticity and strength. Through its unique molecular structure the gel pad acts as a multi-directional shock absorber and eliminates friction almost completely. Its low heat transference properties also offer therapeutic benefits.

Gel cushions are covered with soft synthetic leather and attach to the chin or nose strap with velcro.

Supplied individually in black, the Gel Strap Cover for the chin strap has three velcro strips, for the noseband four velcro strips.

if you prefer the padding to built into the noseband please see lg leather for the padded leather noseband


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