Hoof-Stuff is an antimicrobial hoof pack for plugging deeper holes and cracks in equine hooves. It contains only naturally occurring ingredients, is non-toxic, safe and easy to use. Its ability to stay in crevices due to its fibrous content allows it to act for longer than other treatments both is treating the concern addition helping keep dirt and debris out and providing additional support to the hoof structure to aid healing.

Hoof-Stuff has been useful for seedy toe, white line disease, deep central sulcus separation, abscess cavities, grass cracks among other issues. It’s active ingredients act not only to eliminate bacteria and fungus but also promote healing and restoration of healthy tissue. Natural unpasteurised honey is the base of this product increasing its healing and antimicrobial powers and aiding adhesion into the hole! Hoof-Stuff does not contain anything to bulk the product out or make it cheaper/ easier to produce. Every ingredient in this product has a job – to work to solve the problem that it is there to deal with.

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Key Ingredients:

Unpasteurised Honey – For it’s antimicrobial and healing properties but also to give the product a good, sticky consistency.Zinc Oxide – Again for it’s antimicrobial nature and ability to aid the healing process.Natural Fibres – To keep the other ingredient in place in cavities and to provide ‘beneficial pressure’ to the inside of them and promote regrowth of healthy tissue.

Using Hoof-Stuff

As a general rule deep & narrow = Hoof Stuff, shallow & wide = Artimud. As a test see if damp cotton wool will pack into the crack, if it will Hoof-Stuff will probably work best, if not opt for Artimud.Ensure the crevice/hole is clean from all reachable debris, if there is no exposed flesh flush with sole cleanse. Break through the wax seal on the Hoof-Stuff and draw out some fibres with a clean hoof pick. Use the hoof pick to stuff the pack into the crack, not pushing hard if there are signs of sensitivity or it is extremely deep. For deep central sulcus it can be helpful to leave a ‘tail’ out the back of the hoof to aid easy removal.Remove the pack with a hoof pick after 24 hrs, if it is clean replace it with a new pack and leave for a longer period next time i.e 48 hours. If the pack from within the crevis shows signs of dirt of debris replace the Hoof-Stuff more often until all debris within the crack has been drawn out then follow that standard treatment protocol.The interval between replacements depends very much on the specific condition and environment. If the pack is staying well in the crevice then replacement is not necessary until it discolours. Generally people find they have to replace it every few days to weekly. Once the crevice has had its initial treatment it will likely not be necessary to flush it out again with sole cleanse provided if the pack is staying in place.

Hoof-Stuff is supplied in a 190ml screw-top jar.