Hoof Buffer Belt


The replacement flexible sanding belts for the Hoof Buffer Original have been designed so that, unlike ridged steel rasps, the belt will flex slightly when applied to the edge of the hoof wall. This action allows you to create the smoothest surface possible when rounding the wall edge while the hard back of the handle can be used to apply more firm pressure when sanding cracks and chips in the wall surface.

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Why we love using the Hoof Buffer Original:

  • Flex’s light to the meet the natural curve of a hoof;
  • Less aggressive abrasion of the exterior hoof wall than using steel rasps;
  • Uniform removal of hoof ridges and flare;
  • Fine buffed finish when sanding that does not require additional rasping;
  • Surface lasts longer than sanding blocks as it can be rotated to extend use;
  • Varying levels of firmness can be safely applied to the hoof wall by simply changing which the side of the buffer used.