Support & Abscess Pads (#8)


#8 – Complete Support & Abscesses

Yellow pad for laminitis, founder, abscessing and transitioning to/on hard ground. All support, but it does still provide a certain amount of cushion compared to the HappyHoof Pad #12. Primary purpose is to support the bony column and offer provides maximum stimulation of frogs bars and sole and is excellent at expelling abscesses; with the yellow pad you are able to load the hoof wall and unload the sole.

This pad is very durable, #8-Yellow can be used as a base pad to help lengthen the useful life of the top pad and it provides a somewhat cushioned base for the horse to stand on. An example would be to put a 1/2″ #2-blue pad on top for cushion with the yellow under to lengthen the life. The yellow is the paded used the primary base the founder pads.
Great pada for hoof boots when the horse just can’t take the hardness of the sole of a boot and usually the last pad used when transitioning the hoof from shoes to barefoot hard ground.


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All HappyHoof #8-Yellow is available in 1/4″ and 3/8″ thicknesses, supplied in pairs in the following sizes:
•XL – 9″x9″
•XXL – 12″x12″

There is a now a special 9″x9″ 3/4″ thickness heavy weight available for drafts and larger cobs.