Medium Support / Cushioning (#6)


#6 – Moderate Support & Cushioning

The ultimate work horse pad, it is very useful for horses that need moderate support with a light degree of cushioning. It offers a greater degree of support than the Pads #2 & #4 but not as much as is the pad #8.
The #6-multi is more resilient than the #4-white and #2-blue but doesn’t conform/cushion the hoof as much, it’s an ideal pad for use when transporting horses long distances or for use in boots for light to moderate riding. The #6-multi pad can be used in combination with other pads to offer more customised support and has been found to be of particular use with who are sore in the back of the hoof.


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All HappyHoof #6-Multi is 1/2″ thick, supplied in pairs in the following sizes:
•XL – 9″x9″
•XXL – 12″x12″