Anti-Microbial Water Trough Disc


There is nothing more heart sinking after a day of chores then to go to fill water troughs only to find that they’ve started to turn green. The battle to keep water fresh and clean seems never ending, made more so if you choose, like ourselves, to keep your horse’s drinking water chemical free.

FreshaTank Discs offer the ultimate eco solution. They use the same industrial silver as found in drinking water purifiers, hot tub filters and many medical items including burns victim treatments.

The disc is a microbial product which you place in your horse’s water trough or drinking bucket and the strong microbial action of the 99.9% pure industrial silver destroys fungal, viral, bacterial micro-organisms and parasites in the reproductive stage, this helps keep the water fresher for longer and prevents the spread of disease.

It also reduces ammonia, phosphate and nitrate levels in the water due to the reduced levels of bacteria.

The discs were originally developed to help stabilise aquarium and fish tank water quality without the need to add additional chemicals which may harm fish and sensitive aquatic plant life.

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Horses often won’t drink much water when away from home i.e. at shows, when travelling or moving to a new home which can lead to dehydration. This can impact not only performance but a horse’s long term health by putting organs under repeated unnecessary stress. The simple reason many horses don’t like drinking when away from home is that the water just doesn’t taste or smell like the water they’ve become accustomed to. For us adding a FreshaTank Disc to the water bucket is a great way help to encourage fussy drinkers to take in water when away from home.

Why we like them:

  • Great Value for money, one disc will treat up to a 90 Litre volume of water, is re-useable and everlasting.
  • Small and portable – can be put into any water container anywhere.
  • The pure microbial silver coating kills fungal, viral and bacterial microbes on contact. This means that when drunk the water will not affect the balance of bacteria and microbes in your horse’s gut, unlike water which has had chemicals added to it which can damage the delicate gut flora.
  • Water stays cleaner and fresher for longer.
  • Eliminates foul smelling water.
  • Does not leach metals into the water, is environmentally friendly and made from natural materials.
  • Kills algae in the water which slows down algae forming on troughs or buckets.
  • Can be used inside waterbutts.
  • Safe enough to use in ponds and fish tanks.
  • Helps prevent the spread of diseases – great if your horse is sharing a water trough with other horses or other animals!
  • Helps maintain consistent water quality for fussy drinkers.
  • This product is unique in design and has been award international patent protection.
  • Its made in Britian

Remember as great as these discs are there they do not replace the need for regular water maintenance!