fresha tank disc

Image of the packaging for Fresha Tank

We were introduced to this little product while renovating our stable yard and struggling to manage algae in our rainwater system. The discs were originally developed to help stabilise aquarium and fish tank water quality without the need to add additional chemicals which may harm fish or delicate aquatic plant life. In the battle to keep drinking water clean FreshaTank Discs offer the ultimate eco solution.

Made from the same industrial silver as found in drinking water purifiers, hot tub filters and many medical items including burns victim treatments, the disc is a microbial product which you place in your horse’s water trough or drinking bucket and the strong microbial action of its 99.9% pure industrial silver destroys fungal, viral, bacterial micro-organisms and parasites in the reproductive stage, which in turn helps keep drinking water fresher for longer and prevents the spread of disease, which is especially helpful where water troughs are shared with several horses or other animals.

FreshTank CompareWe’re found this little disc particularly useful for fussy drinks or when traveling horses. Horses often won’t drink much water when away from home i.e. at shows, when travelling or moving to a new home which can lead to dehydration. This can impact not only performance but a horse’s long term health by putting organs under repeated unnecessary stress. The simple reason many horses don’t like drinking when away from home is that the water just doesn’t taste or smell like the water they’ve become accustomed to. Adding a FreshaTank Disc to the water bucket is a quick and simple way to encourage horses to take in water when away from home.