FAIRY TAILS! Detangle Spray


Fairy Tails! Spray is formulated with botanical extracts, pure essential oils, minerals and amino acids to detangle, manage and enhance manes and tails naturally!

Non-Toxic and safe to use on all classes of horses and coated dogs.

Long-lasting results.

Spray a generous amount to mane and tail then brush starting from the bottom to the top of the tail.

For best results use on freshly cleaned hair. For heaver tails or really deep tangles, you may need to reapply.

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Equi-Spa range is a range of spa quality, premium, non-toxic, botanical based horse care products. Forumlated utilizing the beneficial compounds found naturally in aromatic plands and flowers. Completely free from harsh petrochemicals and preservatives and using only the power of natural plant oils this range really does bring the spa to your grooming box. Developed by Sherie Verneer a practising aroma therapist who after experiencing first-hand the serious negative side effects of using DEET decided to put her years of experience blending oils for her human clients to use blending products to help her own horses.

Not only did the products she developed smell like heaven and do the jobs they were designed for but she very quickly began to notice that her horses were less spray shy, calmer being groomed and the over health of their coats and hooves improved drastically.

What started as small project for her own horses, soon grew to supply her aroma therapy clients’ horses, since then this little company has gone from strength to strength. What makes Equi-Spa very unique from so many other horse care products is that their products are human tested first, and every batch is made by Sherie herself, she puts the quality of her product first using only human therapy grade ingredients making these products extremely effective and gentle not to mention the fact that they just smell like heaven! So much so customs officials’ thought we were importing human therapy products!

Equi-Spa products aren’t just for the equine in your life, these products are also canine and human friendly!

fairy tails lotion – 8oz

fairy tails orchid oil gloss

fairy tails spray – 16oz