EquiSilver Anti-Microbial Solution


Equilear EquiSilver is a revolutionary anti-microbial, anti-bacterial treatment specifically developed for textiles such as horse rugs, leather and clothing, offering protection against the spreading of health hazardous bacteria and fungus responsible for skin conditions, mould growth and bad odours which attract flies.

The properties of colloidal silver are a well-documented fact, it has been proven to combat skin conditions and fight viruses like MRSA in humans, as well as help battle thrush in hooves and assist with wound healing. Bacteria and fungus thrive in rugs and are one of the main contributions to skin problems such as ring worm and sweet itch. The ideal temperature for bacteria to multiply is around 40˚C which just happens to be the generally recommended temperature of many rugs cleaning products, this means that many rug cleaners are not necessarily killing bacteria but potentially washing bacteria and fungus from one rug to another. Many of the commercial rug cleaners available in the market that do offer anti-bacterial properties often contain harmful anti-microbial chemicals that are left behind in the fabric after cleaning and migrate from the textile onto the skin attacking the skin’s own natural bacteria or can be absorbed into the skin causing irritation.

EquiSilver has been specifically formulated to affect its anti-microbial properties only the surface of the textile fibre. This means that textiles treated with EquiSilver are protected against the spreading of health hazardous bacteria but that EquiSilver will not migrate onto the skin surface, leaving health skin bacteria unaffected.

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The unique features of EquiSilver have many textile applications:

  • Control bacterial and fungal growth of the inside of rugs during heavy use or before storage. One application to the lining of a rug is all that is needed this can help prevent cross contamination when swapping rugs between horses, reduce chances of contracting skin conditions and reduce odours that can attract flies.
  • Spray the inside of sports bandages, leg wraps or protective boots to discourage harmful bacterial growth in sweat and skin residue.
  • Spray lightly over leather before storing to reduce white mould growth when tack is not in use.
  • Keep riding helmets fresh be eliminating bacterial and fungal growth from sweat build-up in the lining.

For commercial situations or those horse owners with a herd to care for EquiSilver is available in larger volumes upon request.