EquiProtect Spray Proofer


Equilear EquiProtect is a water repellent treatment for horse rugs and other textiles (riding jackets, ski pants, mucking out wear and more!). At the very forefront of textile treatment technologies EquiProtect is an exceptional eco-friendly, biodegradable formula that imitates the functional principles of water repellence found in bird feathers. Due to its unique molecular structure this product is up to 10 times more powerful than any other conventional waterproof treatment available on the market yet at the same time is completely free of fluoro-carbon, paraffins and other hazardous chemicals.

Water on the surface of items treated with EquiProtect will bead and run off (just like water on feather) as opposed to soaking into the fibre. This innovative treatment allows fabric to truly remain as breathable as a feather while also improving its resistance to abrasion.

EquiProtect is available as a 500ml spray-on treatment or concentrated wash-in formula.

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We recommend the EquiProtect SPRAY for keeping onhand whether about the yard or on the road as a quick fix when you can’t be without a rug, to top-up the water repellence of specific areas fabric most commonly rubbed, seams and areas of repair.

EquiProtect RINSE will give new life to older rugs or items that have seen heavy use, it is a concentrated solution that requires only 50ml per rug or 2-3Kg washing load. It is an extremely concentrated product, 500ml EquiProtect WASH treat up to 10 rugs.

It is important to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned thoroughly prior to application of EquiProtect to get maximum benefit from this product.

For commercial situations or those horse owners with a herd to care for EquiProtect WASH is available in larger volumes upon request.