braided leather headcollar

braided leather headcollar

The use of leather dates back beyond the pre-history of humankind. For as long as we have hunted animals for food, man (well actually in many early cultures, women) have worked the hides and skins of the animals he has killed to suit his needs. Whether clothing and footwear, fibre bind, harness for oxen and horses to the land or even to form the very pages off written history. Leather is one of the most durable and flexible material around. It is created through the curing of raw animal skins, referred to as tanning.

Tanning is of the earliest industrial processes known and to this day, the hides are available from not only large scale products by specialist cottage industries.

The relationship between leather and horses is equally as old, archaeological remains show us that for many of the cultures, from the burials of the early nomadic peoples of Eurasia to the native American tribes of the new world introduced to a horse for the first time, leather has been in use to harness and direct the power of horses before many cultures had discovered the forging of metal, to this day many of the inhabitants of less hospital parts of the world still really on leather as the primary material for everything from houses to headstalls.

Here at IH we don’t pretend to be a tack shop, there are so many stores out there selling such a variety of products to choose from. However every now and then we come across something we feel is a little special and that we just have to share with our customers and their horses. We hope you find these items as beautifully made and a pleasure to use with your horses as we do.

This is something you truly don’t see every day. Made by a British saddlery this rounded four-plait braided leather headcollar is a blending of American braiding traditions with British functionality. It has the flexibility of a heavier rope styled head collar with the form and functional security offered by English saddlery work. The nose piece, cheeks and jowl strap are all round braided leather and the headpiece is fully adjustable with buckles on both sides. You can further customise its fit to best suit your horse by altering the length of the buckled chin strap and for those situations when you need to remove this head collar fast you can simply unhook the jowl strap clip and slip the head collar over your horse’s ears.

Available in black or brown, with all brass fittings, in sizes specifically made of us (pony, cob, full and extra full) and with the option of an hand friendly flat braided lead rope to match this head collar is something very special.