DrySeat Saddle & Leg Rain Cover


The DrySeat saddle and leg wrap is an ideal solution for those riders wanting to reduce the bulk but still wanting to save you and your saddle from being soaked through if you do happen to get caught unprepared. Packed in a its own cleverly designed light weight pommel saddle bag designed to adapt itself to any saddle shape from English to Western, treed to treeless. Its attaches quickly and easily to the front of any saddle meaning you can reach for it at a moment’s notice, even once you’ve already tack up.

When rain or cold blow in simply unzip the bag, wrap out the waterproof cover round your legs and saddle to keep them dry and warm. If the weather improves while out with your horse simply fold the DrySeat back into its bag out the way.

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We all understand the physical and mental benefits to horses and humans of exercising in the great outdoors but with the changeable British weather those of us heading out with our horses have two choices; pile on the layers and hope you don’t end up carrying half your wardrobe on your saddle or dress for the weather you have with when you leave the yard and hope you don’t get caught out.

The high density cobolt blue nylon of the DrySeat is thicker than most waterproofs on the market so will flutter less in the wind and the reflective edging of the drySeat will help make you more visible.

If you’re dismounted and your horse is standing tacked up the DrySeat can be doubled over to completely cover your saddle with the waterproof skirt and the small secondary flap unrolls to cover your saddle’s seat, meaning your entire saddle is protected!