Cool Heat Horse Rug (Neckcover Included)

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Combining the efficiency of nature with common sense to bring to you a healthy, natural and practical rugging option. The 1200 denier CoolHeat allows natural thermal regulation of your horse’s coat to function as nature intended.

The 1200d coolheat features a higher neck cut to reduce wither pressure, adjustable double clip chest closure, generous tail flap, soft nylon leg straps with clips at both ends and cross-over surcingles and comes with a matching neck cover in the bag for those really wet winter days.


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The Cool Heat inserts lift the rug 12mm (half an inch) off the horse’s body which allows the hair follicles to function as nature intended benefiting the long term health of the horse. The Cool Heat Rug is not only a winter turnout rug; it offers many other unique advantages:

  • Your horse can effectively regulate its own body temperature preventing overheating and chills caused by fluctuating weather conditions.
  • Can be used during and after competition allowing your horse to safely cool down.
  • After competition or hard training session your horse can be washed down, rugged and turned out because your horse’s hair can effectively lift any moisture up off the skin with its natural wicking action which helps prevent chills and skin conditions.
  • Allows air to circulate over the entire body. This leads to healthier skin and a reduction in rubbing and hair loss due to itching resulting in a higher level of comfort for your horse.
  • No more hassles of the time consuming practice of putting on and taking off multiple rugs.If you are caught with a rug on your horse when the day unexpectedly warms up, your horse is able to sweat freely under the Cool Heat, aiding the cooling process.
  • You can effectively rug a wet, muddy horse because the mud will dry and dissipate under the rug.
  • Your horse gets a free massage when it rolls.
  • Provides a practical alternative to clipping.

Please Note: We would describe these rugs as “true to size”; they are comparable in sizing to Weatherbeeta, Shires & Bucas Rugs.

Available in sizes 4’9″ to 7’6″ in Cobalt Blue 1200 denier nylon with polycotton lining.

5’6″, 5’9″, 6’0″, 6’3″, 6’6″ & 6’9″ SOLD OUT