Grooming Brush Cleaner


Sometimes you walk away from a trip to the hair salon with a new hair style, sometimes a new shampoo, and sometimes, just sometimes you walk away with a new product for your tack bag. This brush cleaner/hair remover is the version you will find used in many of the top hair salons, unlike those tiny ones often sold in retail stores this is a double-ended version with rake on one end and stiffer hooks on the other. And unlike those tiny ones you can barely hold with two fingers this version has a handle that you can actually grip with your whole hand and really get stuck in when cleaning your grooming brushes.

While a curry come is great for the shifting the light dust and finer debris off a body brush they just don’t do the job when it comes to getting hair and debris out any other of the brushes you might have in your grooming box. Keeping your brushes clean from skin, dirt and hair reduces the likelihood of bacteria and worse lice finding a nice place to breed in your grooming bag.

We use this brush rake all the time, from hooking out hair at the base of flick and dandy brush bristles to getting the debris out of the velcro cleaning brush as well as any of the finer debris that gathers up in grooming combs. Did we forget mention we use it for cleaning the dog grooming brushes as well.

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The ultimate grooming brush cleaner