blocker tie ring II

Horse harnessed using blocker tie ring

We solution. There is nothing more frightening than seeing a horse panic on the end of a tied line. When half a tonne or more of horse is trying to break fear to escape from that plastic bag which blew up against his legs while tied to a horsebox at a show something has to give. With luck either the halter or leadrope will snap, at worst the fixing he’s tied to will snap. While damaged equipment is annoying the risk to neck vertebrae and nerves is far more dangerous.

Looking round your yard how many pieces of baling twine to you see used as break-away when horses are tied up? What most people forget is that 21century baling twine is nylon, super strong and resistant to breakage; that’s why it is used in agriculture to hold giant tonne plus size hay bales together.In that emergency situation when you need bale twine to give, there is a strong likelihood that nylon baling twine will not give away.

There are alternatives out there now which are made of elastic, but as anyone who has ever felt the sting of elastic will know, the recoil under sudden sharp force can really hurt, which is the last thing you want to happen to your horse in an emergency situation. Plastic breakaways offer a better option but if you have a horse that is learning to tie or that you are re-training you don’t want to be continually replacing ties every time they get chewed by baby or snapped. This is the situation we found ourselves in when retraining some of our foundlings and while starting to train blue. That was until a Blocker Tie-Ring II appeared inside Blue’s Christmas stocking.

The Blocker Tie-Ring II is a unique way to tie a horse securely yet safely. The Mag-Loc feature holds the tongue in place, making the tie ring stable so it can be mounted at any height using the snap clip provided. This also makes it portable meaning you can unclip your tie ring and take it with you to use while travelling in your horsebox, outside the trailer at the show or even use it for highlines when camping with your horse (plus you can use them for your hammock too!)

The blocker is best used with an extra long lead rope (ideally 3m) but you can easily regulate the degree of hold by altering the length and thickness of the lead rope.