bitfit measuring tool

A horse having his mouth measured with the BitFit

Whatever bit you choose to ride your horse in proper fit is critical to success under saddle. The bit your horse carries is the tool of communication from your hands to his mouth, so why risk clouding that line of communication with all the background ‘noise’ a wrong size bit can cause?

Bit chomping and open mouth, running away, head tossing, leaning against the hand, high headedness, tightness in the poll and jaw, staying behind the bit, hanging his tongue out and lack of lateral suppleness? Any of these could be signs that your horse’s bit isn’t fitting him correctly. Mouth issues are one of the top causes of negative behaviour in horses when ridden and ensuring your horse is wearing a correctly sized bit one of the simplest to ways to prevent or resolve these issues.

When it comes to finding the right bit there are two options: either try on every size available in the style of bit you want until you find the one which appears to be the closest fit, or measure your horse’s mouth. Having a selection of bits is costly especially if you have to hire or buy the bits and inevitably half way through your horse will get fed-up with having bits taken in and out his mouth and you’ll get tired of attaching and removing bits from his bridle.

Til now measuring your horse’s mouth hasn’t been much better either. You have to try to convince your that it’s a good idea put that piece of string/baling twine in his mouth (and not to try eat it) while you try to make where the it leaves you horse’s mouth, either by hanging onto both ends or trying to mark it with a pen. It’s fiddly and frustrating and after all that effort it’s not that accurate.

Image of a tool for measuring horse mouthsThe BitFit takes the guess work out of bit fitting, it’s an easy to use horse friendly design, that simply slides it into your horse’s mouth just like a bit would; you position where your bit would sit, turn the dial until the both cheek pieces make contact with your horse’s mouth and remove to read off the measurement. It’s that simple.

For young horses changing shape as they grow, or for your new horse just arrived at the yard the bitfit offers an accurate measurement of the current bit size meaning you can always be sure the bit you are using is fitting comfortably and correct. Why clutter up your tack room with bits that might fit, when one little tool hanging on the will gives you the confidence that your bit will fit?

“Bit size is critical to your horse’s performance. If it is not sized to the mouth, the bit cannot work effectively. This creates confusion and discomfort for the horse, & causes undesirable behaviours. BitFit is the only product we’ve seen that is easy to use, accurate, effective, & designed with the horse’s comfort in mind.  We will suggest that all of our customers use BitFit before purchasing a Myler bit. BitFit is a “MUST HAVE” basic that should be in every barn.  We like BitFit so well, we’re recommending its use in our seminars, as well as making it available on our website” – Myler Bits, USA

“This is a great device for accurately and comfortably measuring a horse’s mouth to help anyone select the bit that fits their horse.” – Mari Monda Zdunic, USDF gold medalist & Author of American Dressage III