bish’s original tear mender

Image of adhesive for mending tears

We’ve all been there; that march into the field, usually when time is too short, only to see your horse’s rug has been torn and a pair of brown eyes is trying to convince you it wasn’t their fault, it just happened. No matter how much we spend on a rug sooner or later that day will come when the fence catches your rug or that game of chew the rug tears the fabric. Most rugs use rip-stop fabric so with luck the tear won’t spread but that still leave the issue of patching the rug.

When time is short you need to know your rug will be useable in quick time, ready for whatever else your horse might through at it. Having to lug your horse’s muddy rug back home to stitch and glue and then wait hours for it to cure is impractical time consuming, smelly and just plain frustrating. Worst of course is that not only do most rug glues dry hard making the repair brittle which creates a weak point but if used on the underside of the rug they can rub bald patches into your horse’s coat.

Over the years customers have asked us to recommend a product for patching rugs, but while we’ve been happy to suggest solutions we have never been happy enough with the products out there to stock any ourselves. That was until we discovered Bish’s Original Tear Mender. This is the only product we would recommend for mending and patching rugs and can be used to hold down loose seams and wayward velcro straps, in fact it can even be used to bond together broken straps!

This product is quick drying meaning you mend a rug and will be ready to use by the time you’ve done the mucking and feeding.

Bish’s Original Tear Mender can be used on both the outer and inner fabric of the rug. It forms a strong, long lasting, permanent bond which remains flexible. It is UV resistant, eco-friendly, none toxic and acid-free. Plus all patched fabric can still be machine washed or dry cleaned as per the fabric’s care instructions. Get it on your hands? No worries, it will harmlessly rub off fingers and non-porous surfaces.

The manufacturer has found 101 uses for Bish’s everything from gluing buttons onto shirts to mending leather chaps and loose chap zippers. Best of all Bish will even patch holes in wellie boots!!!

Remember as with any new product read product information and instructions before use!