home & away essentials

Whether travelling our horses, out on a ride or about the yard there are times we all just need that something to make things a little quicker, simpler or safer for our horses and ourselves and to let us just get on with getting that job done.

These products fill that gap, from healthy options to limit the grow of germs and bacteria in water, to a quick fix of that rug when a fence comes out on top and your time is short, you’ll find these items about our barn and travelling with us in our tool box. We have found these solutions offer us a safer way to hitch horses when there are too many things distracting our attention and we need an extra pair of eyes to supervise that equine mischief-maker while we’re fetching that forgotten piece of kit from the tack room, and something to give us that little extra help moving matts about the stable when there is no one about to be that second set of hands.

They are simple, why didn’t I think of that, solutions that we hope you’ll find as useful as we have.

Image of adhesive for mending tears

bish’s original tear mender

We've all been there; that march into the field, usually when time is too short, only to see your horse's rug has been torn and a pair of brown eyes is trying to convince you it wasn't their fault, it just happened. No matter how much we spend on a rug sooner or later that day will come when the fence catches your rug or that game of chew the rug tears the fabric. Most rugs use rip-stop fabric so with luck the tear won't spread but that still leave the issue of patching the rug.

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bit warmer

bit warmer

Ever stop on those cold days when you’re struggling with numb fingers to get the bit into your horse’s mouth, time and daylight are short, you’re trying to get in the saddle as quickly as possible and your horse just isn’t co-operating, and wonder if your horse may actually trying to tell you something?

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Horse harnessed using blocker tie ring

blocker tie ring II

We solution. There is nothing more frightening than seeing a horse panic on the end of a tied line. When half a tonne or more of horse is trying to break fear to escape from that plastic bag which blew up against his legs while tied to a horsebox at a show something has to give. With luck either the halter or leadrope will snap, at worst the fixing he's tied to will snap. While damaged equipment is annoying the risk to neck vertebrae and nerves is far more dangerous.

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flies on horse's face

bug control

Keeping on top of the insect menace can be a challenge for horse owners. Our equine partners seem to be a magnet to all 6-legged creatures that fly, bite or sting. Spring, summer and even Autumn can become a running battle between yourself and those little pests determine to drive your horse to tail swishing, leg stomping, head shaking madness. An enjoyable afternoon spent out with your equine partner can very quickly turn into a hasty retreat for home shelter as both horse and human (sporting au de equus) attract a swamp of unwelcome admirers.

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Image of the packaging for Fresha Tank

fresha tank disc

We were introduced to this little product while renovating our stable yard and struggling to manage algae in our rainwater system. The discs were originally developed to help stabilise aquarium and fish tank water quality without the need to add additional chemicals which may harm fish or delicate aquatic plant life. In the battle to keep drinking water clean FreshaTank Discs offer the ultimate eco solution.

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Scratch n All

We all know the torture it is to suffer an itch you can’t really scratch. Humans aren’t alone in suffering that niggling twinge of the unreachable spot. Anyone anywhere who has had to care for an animal, be they furred, feathered or finned, will have a tale to tell of the ingenious lengths animals can go to in order to scratch that itch, often with little regard to the damage caused either to themselves or the chosen object in the process.

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