hooves & hoofcare

Keeping all four feet on the ground can be a challenge at times, from managing sugar intake during that spring flush, to fun and games that get a little too wild in a mud slick pasture, sometimes it can seem that no matter what we do our horses are determined to have at least one hoof in the air at all times.

These solutions help make that job just a little bit easier, from tools keep track of hoof shape changes and help make quick work of trimming, to managing insulin levels as the grass turns greens and pulses in hooves start to bound and fighting bacteria causing hoof rot.

Making proactive hoof management part of your daily routine will help ensure your equine partner keeps all feet firmly on the ground and ready for whatever adventures you both get up to.

evo hoof tools

We all know keeping horses barefoot isn’t as easy as many would think. While there are those who assume barefoot simply means whipping off shoes and keeping horses at pasture, for those of us who opt to walk the path barefoot (and when needed boot) the reality of caring for horses (and hooves) is a constant mind game, from the endless calculations to meet our horses daily nutritional needs, factoring in the sugar surges of living grass, the fluctuating levels of nutrition in stored forage, to trying to managing hoof hygiene in muddy fields that to breed hoof rotting bacteria. Add to that the challenges of individual equine genetics not to mention the impact of seasonal changes on hoof care and it’s a wonder that we horse owners have room upstairs to fit the shopping lists, the car-pool, household administration and the jobs that pay for our horses.

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Image of magnesium oxide for horses

magnesium oxide – light

We generally avoid supplements, believing that our horses will get their nutritional needs best from a managed healthy balanced diet and understand that excesses can cause as much imbalance and problems as deficiencies. In grassier months our horses do benefit from being fed Magnesium Oxide. Commonly recommended by trimmers, equine podiatrists and other professionals, magnesium is essential for carbohydrate metabolism and capillary wall quality. It is also used as the base ingredient in the majority of commercial calmers.

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Horse's hoof with precision pick

precision pick

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to judge an even trim or flare with a long rasp that bumps against the ground or when you're eyes are tried from looking at uneven feet. Whatever method of trimming you use and whether you keep your horses barefoot, like us, or you choose to shoe; using the Precision Pick regularly will help you develop a confident eye, so that you can accurately judge progress, making for more precise trimming and it's great for those odd occasions as a hoof care professional when you find you're in any doubt.

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Red Horse Products

If you haven't already heard mention of Red Horse Products you must have been trekking your horse across Outer Mongolia. This small UK based company develops original and effective natural based hoof and horse care products and unlike many mass produced products out there that often contain diluted concentrations to be more cost effective, Red Horse Products are generally formulated with maximum strength healthy ingredients.

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