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Supplements can help keep your horse at its peak as well as offer that little extra boost when health, age or life gets a bit too much for your equine partner. As with everything at intelligent horsecare we stock what we use with our horses.

Unlike most animal supplements that are the cheaper alternative to human equivalents and would not meet human quality standards or may be derived from the pulp left over from processing products for human consumption, our supplements are of human grade quality, many being of human pharmacological quality, the highest quality standard there is. This means the product you choose to feed your horse will be the same ones used in human products. We believe if the quality isn’t good enough for us then it’s certainly not good enough for our horses.

Those feed additives we stock specifically developed for equine health issues, we source direct from the companies leading the scientific research in the relevant field. Meaning you are feeding the original formula on which published research is based and not commercial generics, allowing your horse access to the same quality as is fed to the top performers of the equine world.

These are the products we trust to help keep our own horses’ healthy, many of which we have ever tried out on ourselves, now how often to you hear that?

We all want the best for horses, and supplements are a great way to make up for the shortfall in nutrition or to add additional enhancements to their diet. However over supplementing vitamins and minerals can be as harmful if not more so than deficiencies.

We do not stock general vitamin and mineral supplements, and while we are happy to sign post owners to suitable brands we have trusted with our own horses, we whole-heartedly encourage all horse owners to seek the expert advice of a nutritionist first before you reach for that tub with pretty packaging. It will save you money in the long term and ensure you horses get the optimum nutrition they require, customised to their unique situation taking into account their feed, grazing, activity level as well as any specific health needs.

A forage and pasture analysis will allow you to know exactly what vitamin and minerals you horse is taking in on a daily basis through grazing and forage, allowing you to feed only those vitamins and minerals that are deficient, this will help keep both your horse and your purse healthier. For additional nutritional advice and guidance, put the kettle on and visit Thunderbrooke Equestrian and Forage Plus forage analysis, your horse will thank you for it.

alltech equine advantage products

allTech equine advantage

For well over three decades AllTech has lead the way in providing natural and sustainable solutions, technical information and support to all sectors of the global animal nutrition industry. While you may never have heard of them, they're the world's largest producer of organic trace minerals and their products form the key ingredients in some of the most effective (and most expensive) natural based equine nutrition products money can buy.

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Chios Mastic Resin

We came to learn about the benefits of Chios Mastic through a long standing client who has tirelessly struggled to help her horse heal and move forward from his past when many would have given up and sold him on. The change in this trouble horse was really astonishing and ongoing. Needless to say our interest was piqued, but as we only stock products we trust with our own horses the quest was on to find out more and source a human quality supply to try out on both ourselves and the horses. Having tried it on several of our horses both those considered in excellent health as well as recent arrivals on the long road to optimum health we’ve been pleasantly surprised.

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Image of magnesium oxide for horses

magnesium oxide – light

We generally avoid supplements, believing that our horses will get their nutritional needs best from a managed healthy balanced diet and understand that excesses can cause as much imbalance and problems as deficiencies. In grassier months our horses do benefit from being fed Magnesium Oxide. Commonly recommended by trimmers, equine podiatrists and other professionals, magnesium is essential for carbohydrate metabolism and capillary wall quality. It is also used as the base ingredient in the majority of commercial calmers.

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red zone

Made by the team at Red Horse, a small UK based company which develops original and effective natural based hoof and horse care solutions, the Red Zone range offers excellent bug repellence with none of the harsh and harmful ingredients you’ll find in most off the shelf products. Red Zone has been developed as human-grade fly repellent products made with high quality ingredients (no citronella or DEET) in far higher concentrations than the majority of repellents on the market.

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