horse rugs & rug care

Many of us find rugging an uneasy compromise, it allow us that little extra time with our horse doings something we value, grooming, schooling, hacking rather than trying to dry a cold, wet and muddy pony and provides that little extra protection from the weather in a less than ideally positioned paddock or field.

In a perfect world with an ideal climate, we would never need to give a rug a side-ways glance. But we don’t live in an ideal climate, and most of our horses don’t live in perfect situation. We have literally searched the world over to find a solution to this problem and for us these products offer the best compromise; allowing our horses express natural responses while offering us that little extra time to do the things with our horses we love and the reassurance to know whatever the weather they will be dry and comfortable.

To help you look after your rug, we’ve even sourced a range of natural based care products, reducing your horse’s exposure to chemicals. From mending that argument with a fence that happen on the days when your time is short, to get that rug on in a hurry when the weather is bad and the night is dark, to keeping the lining clean and fresh reducing the risk of bacterial buildup these products follow the same natural ethos we apply managing our horses.

Whether you use a conventional rug or subscribe to a more natural alternative your horse will probably wear its rug more often than he wears a saddle, so whatever rug you toss on your horse’s back using no-toxic more natural products to care for your rug just makes sense. They help give extra value to your rug while looking after your horse’s skin and we all know the skin is the largest organ of the body, so why expose it to unnecessary chemicals?

We use these products because we think our horses are worth that little extra care, and we’re sure you know yours are to.

Image of adhesive for mending tears

bish’s original tear mender

We've all been there; that march into the field, usually when time is too short, only to see your horse's rug has been torn and a pair of brown eyes is trying to convince you it wasn't their fault, it just happened. No matter how much we spend on a rug sooner or later that day will come when the fence catches your rug or that game of chew the rug tears the fabric. Most rugs use rip-stop fabric so with luck the tear won't spread but that still leave the issue of patching the rug.

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Image of horse wearing cool heat rug

coolheat rugs

Horses love to be outside! Even in the depths of winter they relish cold dry conditions. Unfortunately we don't usually have a winter wonderland, and instead have to provide shelter from driving rain and wind. Shelters, hedges and trees all help but often a rug is the most practical solution and protection from mud makes all the difference when fitting exercise into a busy week.

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Equilear Rug Care Products

Founded and run by horse owner (and generally lovely person) Anita Lear, Equilear Protective Solutions combines well over a decade of experience developing innovative textile treatments for the textile industry with the practical issues of keeping horsewear clean, waterproof, bacterial free and breathable without using environmentally toxic chemicals.

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