Nutrition – Your Horse is what You feed Him

Published: Wednesday, 27 February 2013 | Written by: Sylvia

We all like nothing better than to see our horses glowing with health; feed and supplement companies make millions of pounds a year selling us the promise that their product will keep our horse in the pink; but how often do we stop and actually take a good look at what’s really in that feed bag? Most modern horse feeds are packed full of unnecessary nasties and laden with sugars to give them that nay factor when you open the bag, your horse feed may not be as healthy as you might think. Whatever you choose to feed your horse, whether interested in keeping your horse naturally or just wanting to keep your horse in top form it’s important that as horse owners we have a good basic knowledge of what’s inside that bag. Next time you sit down with a cuppa why not take ten minutes to spend a bit of time reading up on what’s going on inside your feedbag?

Dr Deborah Carley (biochemist, nutritionist & horse owner) of Thunderbrook Equestrian Feeds produces a horse feed with no fillers, binders, pelleting agents, molass, wasted by-products from wheat or oat milling or sugar refining, preservatives, synthetic vitamins & minerals or refined vegetables oils and according to Blue it tastes good to! Deb offers advice freely with no marketing and jargon. There is no fancy advertising this feedbag sells by virtue of its contents not it’s packaging.

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