Nobody panic

Published: Thursday, 23 September 2010 | Written by: intellig
nobody panic

Its just a drill. Soaking hooves, whether to treat an infection or encourage an abscess to blow, can be a real palaver if your horse isn’t confident about the process! If you prefer to let the hooves do the soaking then it’s worth practising beforehand.

The first stage of Buckets For Beginners is a dry run…

Graduates of Advanced Bucketwork, such as Freckles unrequited love Sky, can stand with three feet in buckets and the fourth drying on a towel. Unfortunately we don’t have any photos of that, but if you send in yours we’ll put it here for all to see!

Our simple recipe for beating mild thrush is 1 capful of milton to 5 litres of water, soaked for 10 minutes once a week. Allow to dry then slather with generous helpings of sudocreme or honeyheal. Severe infections can be effectively treated using cleantrax, which requires waders, not buckets, as demonstrated by this beautiful mule.

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