Horse of the Month – November 2012

grooming blue


Reportedly connemara x thoroughbred, with the build of a quarter horse and the spots of an appaloosa, this not to so little lady rules over a herd of bachelors with looks that would melt polar icecaps. When not organising the schedules for the boys, she has nominated herself as food safety inspector, making sure all meals are suitable for fellow equine consumption. Besides keeping her dance card full trotting the pasture with the favoured man of the moment, she keeps herself busy working part-time as foster ewe for pet lambs and volunteering at puppy school teaching young pups that horses aren’t giant sheep, they are in fact giant collie dogs who will play ball with you so long as you don’t pull their tail.

Likes: Food, there is nothing that a rattling bucket can’t resolve. Lambs, they’re just miniature foals that bleat.

Dislikes: Anything that doesn’t have two weeks prior notification and written authorisation in triplicate. You can’t just spring things on a girl, she needs to get her hair and hooves done first!