Horse of the Month – October 2012

resting those tired hooves


When life gets tough there is just one thing for it, sleep! This senior citizen is proof the even bad boys can reform. Having spent his life at a stud this giant burst out the horsebox a fire breathing, dog tossing, door breaking, human biting, fence cribbing beast from the darkness. Consistent handling, a balanced diet, gentle exercise and the freedom of a managed pastures (a good chiropractor and dentist didn’t hurt either) have seen a complete transformation from dragon to giant teddy bear.

When not acting like a yearling or using tractors, diggers or buildings as scratching posts, he’s catching up on his beauty sleep.

Likes: Tipping grooming kits on the floor for the brush inspection, plus they make great nose scratchers!  Having a good roll, nothing quite like pretending to be a hippo. Getting ears scratched, just can’t get that spot without help. Tea, it’s not just humans who like a herbal cuppa. Snoring when sleeping in the field, it startles passing sheep.

Dislikes: Horse flies, they bite!!! Having a certain youngster running off with his food bucket full of dinner, that’s not playing fair!