horse of the season

There are no awkward silences when two horse owners meet for the first time. We all love sharing the unique quirks and those misadventures our horses get up to, knowing that the person listening will be able to instantly relate and sometimes commiserate on the highs and lows of life with an equine companion.

Nothing makes our day more than hearing about your horses and those little spark of personality which makes them as special to you. Each month we try to profile an equine near and dear to a human heart.

Why not submit a few pics of your equine mischief maker, along with their name and some details about what makes them the equine star in your life, you just might seem them shining on our wall.  Email us at

horse of the season – December 2012

little boy blue


blue’s mum writes: ‘It’s hard to image that the tiny innocent little person, walking every so quietly beside his mum could be the source of all mischief unleashed upon the world. Let it be a lesson to all, just browsing online is NEVER just browsing. That cold soggy winter night, the little nose attached to a star, stripe and snip poking forward out of this picture was the start of it all. Within hours, just browsing had become, just going to have a look, JUST looking, I promise.

Well the day of the epic trek north to meet the boy, there was ice, and snow, and storms, any sensible person would have said leave it for another day, but horse sense and common sense are unrelated, we were the only car on the road for hour, if the gods were trying to send a message it must have been lost in translation because there is no more single-minded force in all the universe than two women determined to visit a foal with spots!

Two weeks later in the start of what was to become the worst winter in years, the horsebox was pointed northwards, its mission, to safely return with a very special little man. Educated by the master of mischief, Freckles, our little man is more nosey than the village busy-body. If there is a door unlatched that can be nosed open or a bag to get a head stuck on, blue is the equine for the job.

Likes: Helping with sheep in the race (even if humans don’t think chewing horns is being helpful). Playing wild stallions with uncle piggy, even if he doesn’t really want to. Chasing the ball with the dogs. Investigating JCB cabs, you’d be amazed at the things humans leave in there! Helping the chiropractor use the electric massage, if i press the buttons it makes the best noises ever.

Dislikes: Being sent out the feedroom, it’s a buffet, i’m supposed to help myself! Not being allowed to chew that dentist’s tools, they’re good for your teeth. When the dogs are allowed in the car and I’m not, i’m sure i can fit in there mum!