Gut health

Published: Thursday, 21 March 2013 | Written by: Sylvia

Inadequate forage, stress, worm damage… these are a few causes of an unhealthy gut. Gastri -x by Hilton Herbs is extremely effective in addressing some of the symptoms such as bloating, girthing discomfort, and “footiness”.

For more extreme gastro-intestinal issues from inflammation of the gut to ulcers we have tried it all, while most products offer some relief the bag you will find in our treatment box is GastroPlus, we’ve seen significant improvement in horses, both young and old, where everything from over-the-counter to prescriptive treatments have failed. It’s not the cheapest product on the market but it has worked where everything else has failed.

For horses who have experienced international travel or suffered colic of any kind its well considered putting them on a bag or two.

If you suspect gut sensitivity there some simple non-evasive tests you can carry out at home using acupressure, Mark DePaolo, DVM has produced a very useful clip to help guide owners in ulcer detection.

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