hooves & hoofcare

The precision hoof pick has been a brilliant addition to our box of tools. After we received our picks we have used them on a daily basis trimming hooves. It takes the guess work out of getting accurate measurements to achieve perfect hoof balance! Cheers Sarah!

Ross and Mel Barker – United Kingdom UKNHCP Certified Practitioner & Field Instructor – www.progressivehorse.co.uk

It only took one trimming day, to get me completely hooked on your hoof pick! The shape is great and the measurements are very handy.

Plus, it has an added benefit I wasn’t expecting: It easily slides in and out behind a hoof knife in the pocket of my chaps (without building bulk or snagging on the knife as I pull it out).

That immediately fixed a little “pocket switching” issue I had going on. Thank you for putting so much into such a simple tool… Who knew? Cool Tool!

Pete Ramey on the Precision Pick

I can’t imagine doing my hoof care work without the Precision Pick! It’s such a fantastic tool. It’s not only perfect for measuring, but the sides and corners are sharp enough to help scrape exfoliating sole & clean out all the cracks & crevices.

Precision Pick is one of my most valuable tools! The straight edges, clear measurements & right angle make it the most useful, reliable and accurate measuring hoof pick I’ve used.

Linda Martin, The Good Hoof